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At your fingertips is one of the largest collectors' reference / photo guide / checklist for sorting and collecting loose complete action figures from 1975-2005.

New improved photo guide:

Star Trek Dinky   USS Enterprise NCC-1701

USS Enterprise NCC-1701


Go to this Star Trek page

Battle Beasts Figures   #41 Run Amuck Duck

#41 Run Amuck Duck


Go to this Battle Beasts page

Transformers Generation One G1 1984  Laserbeak


Generation One G1 1984

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Great items for sale:

Small Soldiers Die-Cast   Power Drill Cycle with Punch-It

Power Drill Cycle with Punch-It

Go to this Small Soldiers page

Smurfs    Ice Skater Smurf

Ice Skater Smurf

Go to this Smurfs page

Star Trek The Next Generation   Generations B Etor Damaged package

Generations B Etor Damaged package

Go to this Star Trek page

The search scans over all kinds of specifics like brand, year, series, name, part of a name, variation, stores that had exclusives, and more. Give it a try! More photos and details added every few days.

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