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Photo Guide : Bravestarr


Action Figures by Mattel 1986

Bravestarr    Deputy Fuzz

Deputy Fuzz Not Complete

Bravestarr    Fort Kerium

Fort Kerium Package(d) Photo

Bravestarr    Fort Kerium [more photos]

Fort Kerium [more photos] Not Complete

Bravestarr    Handle Bar

Handle Bar Not Complete

Should have 2 Kerium nuggets

Bravestarr    Laser Fire Backpack

Laser Fire Backpack Complete

Bravestarr    Laser Fire BraveStarr

Laser Fire BraveStarr Complete

Bravestarr    Laser Fire Tex Hex

Laser Fire Tex Hex Complete

Bravestarr    Neutra LaserBlack

Neutra Laser Complete

Variant: Black

Bravestarr    Neutra LaserBlue

Neutra Laser Complete

Variant: Blue

Bravestarr    Outlaw Skuzz

Outlaw Skuzz Not Complete

Bravestarr    Quick Draw Marshal BraveStarrHollow Badge Star

Quick Draw Marshal BraveStarr Complete

Variant: Hollow Badge Star

Bravestarr    Quick Draw Marshal BraveStarr

Quick Draw Marshal BraveStarr Not Complete

Bravestarr    Quick Draw Tex Hex

Quick Draw Tex Hex Package(d) Photo

Bravestarr    Sand Storm

Sand Storm Package(d) Photo

Bravestarr    Skull Walker

Skull Walker Complete

Came with 2 Kerium Nuggets

Bravestarr    Thirty Thirty

Thirty Thirty Complete

Bravestarr    Thunder Stick

Thunder Stick Complete

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