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Photo Guide : Dr Who

Dr Who

Action Figures by Dapol 1987

Dr Who    Ace

Ace Complete

Dr Who    Armoured Silurian

Armoured Silurian Complete

Dr Who    Cyberman

Cyberman Complete

Dr Who    Davros

Davros Complete

Dr Who    Davros with left hand

Davros Complete

Variant: with left hand

Dr Who    Ice Warrior

Ice Warrior Complete

Dr Who    K-9

K-9 Complete

Dr Who    Melanieblue shirt

Melanie Complete

Variant: blue shirt

Dr Who    Melaniepink shirt

Melanie Complete

Variant: pink shirt

Dr Who    Sea Devil

Sea Devil Complete

Dr Who    Silurian

Silurian Complete

Dr Who    The 3rd Doctor

The 3rd Doctor Complete

Dr Who    The 4th Doctor

The 4th Doctor Complete

Dr Who    The 7th Doctorbrown coat

The 7th Doctor Complete

Variant: brown coat

Dr Who    The 7th Doctorgrey coat

The 7th Doctor Complete

Variant: grey coat

Dr Who    The Master

The Master Complete

Dr Who    The Tetrap

The Tetrap Complete

Dr Who    DalekRed

Dalek Complete

Variant: Red

Dr Who    DalekWhite

Dalek Complete

Variant: White

Dr Who    Tardis

Tardis Complete

Dr Who    DalekGray

Dalek Package(d) Photo

Variant: Gray

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