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Photo Guide : Rock Lords

Rock Lords

Action Figures by Tonka 1985

Rock Lords    Brimstone

Brimstone Complete

Rock Lords    Marbles

Marbles Complete

Rock Lords    Magmar

Magmar Complete

Rock Lords    Tombstone

Tombstone Complete

Rock Lords    Pulver Eyes

Pulver Eyes Complete

Rock Lords    Crackpot

Crackpot Complete

Rock Lords    Stoneheart

Stoneheart Complete

Rock Lords    Nuggit

Nuggit Complete

Rock Lords    Granite

Granite Complete

Rock Lords    Boulder

Boulder Complete

Rock Lords    Sticks and Stones

Sticks and Stones Complete

Rock Lords    Slimestone

Slimestone Complete

Rock Lords    Sabrestone

Sabrestone Complete

Rock Lords    Spearhead

Spearhead Complete

Rock Lords    Solitaire

Solitaire Complete

Jewel Lords

Rock Lords    Flame Stone

Flame Stone Complete

Jewel Lords

Rock Lords    Sun Stone

Sun Stone Complete

Jewel Lords

Rock Lords    Narlihog

Narlihog Complete


Rock Lords    Narlizard

Narlizard Complete


Rock Lords    Narligator

Narligator Complete


Rock Lords    Narliphant

Narliphant Complete


Rock Lords    Narlibat

Narlibat Complete


Rock Lords    Narlirhino

Narlirhino Complete


Rock Lords    Narlibaboon

Narlibaboon Complete


Rock Lords    Narlilion

Narlilion Complete


Rock Lords    Snarlie Narlie Bull

Snarlie Narlie Bull Complete


Rock Lords    Terra Roc

Terra Roc Complete


Rock Lords    Spike Stone

Spike Stone Complete


Rock Lords    Stone Hook

Stone Hook Complete

Shock Rocks

Rock Lords    Rock Shot

Rock Shot Complete

Shock Rocks

Rock Lords    Rock Roller

Rock Roller Complete

Shock Rocks

Rock Lords    Dragon StoneRed

Dragon Stone Complete

Variant: Red

Shock Rocks

Rock Lords    Stun Stone

Stun Stone Complete

Shock Rocks

Rock Lords    Stone Wing

Stone Wing Complete


Rock Lords    Rock Pot

Rock Pot Complete


Rock Lords    Dragon StoneBlue

Dragon Stone Complete

Variant: Blue

Shock Rocks

Rock Lords    Blast Rock

Blast Rock Complete

Shock Rocks

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