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Toy Terms /Abbreviations:

Here are some toy terminology definitions that may be used among my pages, and in the toy collecting world in general. I have noticed some people do not understand the confusing acronyms and terms used amongst toy collectors. I thought it would be helpful to some people if I just wrote them down, so here you go:


this means "Mint on Card" This most often means the toy is mint and presumably complete, but does not necessarily mean the card is mint, or that the figure on it is still factory sealed.


basically same as above "Mint on Sealed Card" and means the card is sealed


Means the figure is still in it's original packaging which is usually a hanging card with the toy is a little plastic blister bubble [sometimes packaging varies...]


this means "Mint in box" Most often the toy would be mint and complete and in it's original box [which may or may not be sealed].


this means "Mint in Sealed Box" and means the toy is still factory sealed in it's original box.


this means the toy is in it's original packaging, which is a box [it may or may not be sealed]

MISMB or MOSMC [very rarely used terms], but mean

"mint in sealed mint box" and "mint on sealed mint card". [a very desirable pristine condition]


This means the toy is out of it's original packaging [and the leftover packaging would not be present or included with the toy]


This means the toy is being sold with all of the little accessories that originally came with it.


Sometimes used as an abbreviation for "Japanese"


"British" or "United Kingdom"


Means the toy being sold was re-released by the manufacturer. [some new transformers were recently re-released by Hasbro that are almost identical to the originals and are known as "re-issues"]


no, not wine, means basically "The old ones" or "The Original" [as opposed to being new or a "re-issue"]


is a little [usually little anyway] soft plastic figurine. Most often their limbs do not move, sometimes they do.



(Vintage records)

In Shrink

The outer jacket of the record is still fully or mostly contained in the original shrink wrap. This usually results in a much nicer condition.

updated yet again on: 03/04/2024