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Here is a list of things I am currently looking for:

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Alternators Tracks - Engine
Alternators Battle Ravage - Engine
Armada Powerlinx Optimus w/ Corona Sparkplug - Maroon Missile
Armada Red Alert - Smoother small red thing, disc
Armada Starscream blade wing
Armada Thundercracker - Blade Wing
Beast Wars 10th Dinobot Mutant Head
Beast Wars 10th Tarantulas - 1 leg
Beast Wars 10th Waspinator - Left Bee face
Beast Wars Megatron Dragon 1x Missile
Cybertron Brakedown - red key
Dinobots Striker Right arm
Dinobots T-Wrecks missiles 2x
Energon Bulkhead - 4x Missile
Energon Optimus Prime - Trailer
Energon Scorponok - Left Toe
G1 Doubleheader - red backpack wing
G1 Jetfire - Matsushiro head cannons / antennae
G1 Skullgrin Pretenders Gray gun with side socket
Universe Optimus Primal 1x missile [yellow]
Universe Razorclaw - Both side purple wing tip missiles
Universe Snarl - Tail

Blade - Swords 2x
Rio Blast - backpack lasers connector part
Ninjor - Sword, Nunchuks
Extendar - Shield
Rotar - 1 white gear disc
Blast Attak - Trigger cable
Dragon Blaster Skeletor - padlock
Snake Face - Chest Snake, Shield

Red Dragon Thunderzord - 1x red crystal
White Tigerzord - 1x white crystal
Max Solarzord - part with 4 gold pegs and left front end piece
Astro Megazord - white ship gun center piece
Zeo - Galactic Megazord - yellow helmet piece

Battlestar Galactica - mini viper pilot

Defenders of the Earth - Garax purple pistol

She-Ra / Adora - Shield
Flutterina - backpack center
Sweet Bee - Shield
Catra - Shield
Frosta - Wand

Cop Tur - Tail Rotor
Defendor - Deck box lids 2x

COPS and Crooks
Bullet Proof - Briefcase
Bowser -brown gun, Blitz

Tex Hex Hat
Bravestarr Vest [Regular]

Hot Wing - Gyro Bird - Gold , 1 arm wing
Flashback - Backlash Bird - silver
Steelheart - Left arm - Rayzor Bird [blue]
Steelwill - Stronghold Bird - Blue
Bluegrass - Guitar Bird

Plunger for Gooper Green Ghost [Slimer]
Ghost for Ecto-3 [silver]

Col. Trautman - Dagger
TD Jackson - Red Disc with the dartboard pattern
Dr Hyde - Small pistol
Snakebite - backpack fish tank thing


82 Scarlett File Card
82 Zap File Card
87 Outback file card

Snow Cat - Windshield, Steering wheel, Engine cover
AWE Striker Engine cover
1985 Ferret - Right Fender, Left Fender, Tube
HAVOC - big gun armature thing with intact peg
Tiger Sting - 2x Gas Cans, Steering Wheel, 1x Missile
Tiger Fish - 1x Torpedo
Tiger Cat - Engine Cover, black missile ski
1982 Vamp - steering wheel
1982 Whirlwind Gatling Gun covers
1990 Hurricane - 6x missiles [Have 6]
1990 Hammer - 2x missile holders, both gun platform holders
1989 Destro’s Razorback - 4x missiles
Cobra Rifle Range - 1x Blue Figure Stand
Machine Gun Defense Station - Figure Stands
Conquest - Left Canard Wing, 2x right canard wing
Septic Tank - tube
VvV Crimson Attack Copter - 1x Blade, gold armature
VvV Jungle Humvee - missile
VvV Vamp / Twin Battle gun - launcher
VvV Sting Raider 1x missile


GI Joe Hall of Fame 12” [1990s]
Snake Eyes Sword
Cobra Commander - Dog Tags
Stalker - Pistol, Dog Tags

1998? Ambush Right Arm
1997 Cobra Trooper (Viper recolor) - Pistol
1997 Cobra Officer (Purple Viper) - Right Arm, Pistol
1993 Leatherneck - bug gun [black]
1993 Duke - shotgun [black]
1993 Night Creeper Leader - missile [orange]
1993 Gung Ho - Mega Marine - Launcher, shotgun [black]
1993 Astro Viper - 1x missile [flour orange]
1993 Mace - Updraft style gun, knife,
1993 star brigade duke - large gun [red]
1993 star brigade heavy duty - 1x missile [black]
1993 star brigade rock n roll - shotgun, rifle, 1x missile [yellow]
1993 Countdown - 2x Missile [yellow],
1993 Snow Storm -knife, 1x missile
1993 Headhunter Stormtroopers - Knife
1993 Star Brigade Roadblock - gold tracker gun [91 style], gold shotgun
1992 Flak Viper - 3x missile [blue]
1992 Talking Overkill - Hand
1992 Snow Storm - White Pistol
1992 talking flint - revolver [gold]
1992 Dice - Staff [silver]
1992? Headhunter Stormtrooper - Black Knife
1991 Tracker - Blow Up Raft
1991 Hawk - Crotch
1991 Mercer - Missile
1991 Big Ben - Bipod
1990 Sonic Vipers - Right Leg
1990 Major Storm - gun [gold]
1989 Hot Seat - Helmet
1989 HEAT Viper - 5x missiles
1989 Targat - Visor
1988 Iron Grenadier - red gun
1988 Hit N Run - Grapple Hook & String
1987 Muskrat - machete
1985 Quick Kick - Sword, nunchuk
1985 Snow Serpent - 2x Blue belt
1985 Flint - backpack, gun
1985 Crimson Guard - backpack
1985 BATs - twin tip attachment 2x
1985 Alpine - backpack ?
1984 Storm Shadow - Small sword, Bow
1984 Baroness - gun
1984 Roadblock - Tripod, Bomb piece
1984 Spirit - Green Dart Rifle
1984 Firefly walkie
1984 Zartan - 2x intact Crotch
1983 Tripwire - 2x landmines
1983 Snow Job - 3x handle, 1x Ski
1983 Destro - 2x gun, 1x backpack
1983 HISS Driver - Good Legs
1983 Wild Bill - intact crotch
1983 Duke - 2x Gun
1982/3 3x Cobra Commander Gun
1982/3 Flash - Gun
1982/3 Grunt - Backpack
1982/3 Breaker - Headset
1982/3 Grand Slam (Red) Good legs / waist (Swivel)
1982/3 Snake Eyes - 2x gun (Steeler)


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Tokka - Club
Toon Leo - Pizza
Movie III April - Small round hand weapon
Pro Pilot Don - Purple Parachute
Navy Seal Mike - Belt, 1x Grenade
Oozey - Flagpole
Shell Top 4x4 Rollbar
Plunger Gun - Part the seat mounts on to

GUNDAM Parts Needed

Sandrock yellow - Gun, regular right hand (Not trigger finger)
Sandrock Gold - Gun
Tallgeese II - U-Clip
Altron - All colors - little wrist fangs 8x
Nataku - beams 4x (both size pegs), 3x arm extender segments
Shenlong yellow - right shoulder joint (the arm - not the armor)
Magnuanac Rashid - Axe

GP-01 Backpack with intact beam handles, or 5x beam handles
Gato’s Gelgoog - regular right hand (Not trigger finger), wide clip

Hyper Mode Burning Gundam Beam sword handle, Disc

RGM-89 Jegan - beam sword handle
Jagd Doga - 5 open gold fannels
Geara Doga - 3 Beams, 2 hatchet handles, 1 other handle, both size full guns (With attachments)
MSM-04 Sazabi - black rear backpack rocket

Scarred Dragon - 3x hand fire, flame wing
Scarred nataku - left fist
Scarred heavyarms custom - right front shoulder flap, 1x Gun
Scarred shadow gunam - base
Scarred burning Gundam, 2x beams, base
Scarred GP-02 - beam handle 3x
Scarred RX-79(G) Ground Type - Beam, beam handle, left fist, foldy gun side armature
Scarred Rose - 1 rose

7.5 Hyper Mode Shining Gundam - Katana, open hands, closed fists, green hand
7.5 Hyper mode burning gundam - core lander
7.5 Chrome Burning Gundam - Core Lander, 2x Katana, 2x Katana handles
7.5 RX-78 - shield handle, mace weapon (Club)

Desert Dom Right Hand
Realtype Gundam - left shoulder 2x beam swords
RX-78 [Regular] - 2x Beam Swords, shield
RGM & Ball - Backpack with intact beam handle or figure with it.
Gouf & Dodai -Smaller cable, right dodai wing
Char’s Gelgoog - back loop

Aiguille Delaz from 0083

Dark Nero’s Gundam - red wrist piece, big green connector centger thing 2x
Rising Gundam - Staff blade, arm connector for bow
Mummy Gundam - regular hands, small snake
Burning Gundam - 4x katana handles, 2x long white wings, 2x disc
Rose - front inside cape piece, 4x rose
AC Guy - closed hand
Nero’s Gundam - 2x wrist armors
Mermaid gundam - left cheek fin
Cobra Gundam Small Fire
Walter Gundam Ball 1/2
Toro Gundam - Rt Grab Hand
Bolt Gundam - core lander cockpit
Noble Gundam - Rt fist, both Karate hands
Shining Gundam - Small Beam 3x, right grab hand 2x
Maxter - left pistol 2x

3x 08th Team sideways handle for foldy gun
RX-79(G) Ground Type - sectional gun silencer end
RX-79(G) Desert - small backpack door, segmented gun silencer end
rgm-79 sniper [green] - Rt Hand, Jet Core Booster #02 or Shield #03

RX-78 NT-1 - 3x Beam handles
MS-18E Kampfer - large handgun

SD Mini - Dark Gundam playset blue figure

SD 4.5 - Hyper mode burning gundam regular hands
SD 4.5 - GP-02 beam sword

[Always need a lot more Gundam parts than listed here ….]

Outlaw - Miles’ Mask [Blue / red square face], 1x Radar, 1x Black stem
Volcano - intact sunroof, Matt’s Mask
Gator - Top Gun, Dusty’s Mask
Piranha - Windshield
Manta - Better Base Car, no parts needed
Bulldog - Bumper Saw
Switchblade - 1 propeller
Jungle Challenge - green string and 1x grapple hook
Firecracker - black U piece that holds motorcycle on the tailgate
Jackhammer - Cliff Dagger w/ mask
Rhino - Foam Block

Rook Bartley Gun
Gakken Large Red Alpha gun, intact left full wing
Gakken medium green alpha - any body with a good head

Vision and the Scarlet Witch Mini Series 5, 12
Tomb Raider 5, 7, 8, 12, 15, 16, 17, 18, 20+
DC versus Marvel #4
Young Indiana Jones Chronicles #1, #11, #12
Haven The Broken City #8

updated yet again on: 04/11/2021