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Batman Guide!

Finally got the huge-tastic Batman action figure photo guide section posted up today for your viewing pleasure. Happy collecting!

There are nearly complete guides for everything from the first Batman Movie with Michael Keaton and the Joker made by ToyBiz, through the early 1990’s ones with the Dark Knight and Batman Returns with the Penguin and Catwoman and those little penguin Commandos. The mid 1990s ones with the Legends and Dark Knight Premium series and The Best likenesses of the cartoons in the animated series and the spinoffs like new adventures and mission masters. Enjoy!

Links !

Here are some links to bookmark and keep handy.

This site: <- mobile friendly action figure photo guide, tell your friends !

Here is where you can find some great vintage vinyl:

Here is our instagram where quick pics of things can be added and an easy way to contact us can be found [send a message]

Here is our eBay shop where, among other things, you can find a selection of thousands of vintage action figure parts to complete your collection.

08/04/2020 Update:

Added the long anticipated GI Joe USS FLAGG aircraft carrier to the GI Joe photo guide pages today. I still have to track down about 5 more photos in my files for it but there are over 200 pictures of it and all of the parts posted!

Also still working on the new shop section so all links to it are disconnected or noted as “Testing purposes only”. Will definitely make a new post announcement when it is ready.

Thanks all!

Update today

Updated the website photo guide today. Included adding the blog to the website. Made new sections for 9 inch Star Trek figures from all series’ including almost all figures. Added about 200 photos to the Playmates Toys Star Trek guide pages. Made a Beetleborgs photo guide that includes about half of the series. Thanks!